Fuck Yeah Geek and Nerd Knits!

A place to show off all hand-made knit projects, no matter the skill level, so long as they appeal to keeping the inner geek warm and fuzzy on the outside. We would also like to encourage you to ask questions and get support.

Knit Long and Prosper.

About FYGK

Welcome to Fuck Yeah Geek Knits!

This blog is dedicated to the geek and nerd knitters of Tumblr and aims to be a friendly place to show off the handmade knit (and sometimes crochet) creations of Tumblr users.  A vast majority of the posts you’ll see here are submissions and reblogs of Tumblr users, with the occasional posts to patterns found by the Management while browsing Ravelry/Etsy/Knitty/etc. 

Here at FYGK, we do our very best to create a supportive and inspirational environment for knitters of all skill levels to revel in their craft while celebrating our geek culture.  We choose to practice inclusiveness and positivity as part of our mission to support and inspire.

We would, of course, like to invite and encourage you to share in this environment, and hope you enjoy your stay here.

Knit long and prosper.

-The Management

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