Fuck Yeah Geek and Nerd Knits!

A place to show off all hand-made knit projects, no matter the skill level, so long as they appeal to keeping the inner geek warm and fuzzy on the outside. We would also like to encourage you to ask questions and get support.

Knit Long and Prosper.

FYGK Frequently Asked Questions

What is this blog’s definition of “geek” or “nerd”?
It’s a very broad spectrum and a difficult one to define.  Basically, it’s anything of an intellectual basis that we are unabashedly passionate about; whether that be sci fi, literature, science, history, or even fandom-related.  If you can justify it as being “geeky” or “nerdy” and you’ve knit something in tribute to it, it belongs here.

What is your criteria for posting to this blog?
Although we encourage user submissions, most of what you’ll see here are reblogs of things found in the knitting tags.  We look for posts that source to a creator, and shy away from posts that have personal details within them (as we don’t feel it’s our place to post anything personal about anyone without their permission).

How do I make sure you see my post I’d like reblogged?
The Management does track the “fuckyeahgeekknits” tag, so if you tag your post with that, we will see & reblog it to the community.
Alternatively, you are welcome to send us a link to the post you’d like reblogged.  We’d recommend using the fanmail function for this, as the ask box doesn’t let people link things.

You posted something of mine that wasn’t credited/You posted something of mine I’d like removed.
Just say so.  We promise we’re not out to be buttheads, and we absolutely will not put up a fight when it comes to properly sourcing or removing anything personal.  Please be as specific as you can as to which is the offending post and we will do whatever we can to rectify the situation.

Where can I find a pattern for _______________?
The Management does keep a large file of knitting patterns and is always happy to share them, and if we don’t already have a pattern for something on hand, we’re usually pretty good at finding one.  If you’re asking for the pattern of something you saw on the blog, please be as specific as possible when asking for it, as a lot of things are posted and we’d like to be able to give you the pattern you actually want.

Do you post crocheted works?
Yes!  All that we ask is that the works fit the geek/nerd theme of the blog and are properly tagged as “crochet” (just as all the knit posts are properly tagged as “knit”).

Do you post everything that’s submitted?
Yes, so long as adheres to the theme of the blog as a whole, we will post it.  We do occasionally need to reject submissions because key elements (like source) are left out, but will always notify the submitter so they can submit again.
We also shy away from posting give-aways and self-promotions (“buy my things”) because we don’t feel that’s what this blog is about.

Do you answer every question that is asked?
Yes, we do.  It may take us a while because there is more than one person on the management team, and we like to collaborate answering questions together to give the most thorough answers we can.  But, as long as we receive the question, we will answer it.

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