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Knit Long and Prosper.


Seattle-based artist Carol Milne knits with glass, or rather, she creates wonderful glass sculptures that make it seem as though she’s either a superhuman glass knitter or in possession of enchanted knitting needles and very specialized gloves. The reality is actually much more complicated, but no less awesome. Milne invented her glass knitting technique back in 2006. It’s a process that involves knitting with wax instead of glass, followed by lost-wax casting, mold-making and kiln-casting.

First, a model of the sculpture is made from wax which is then encased by a refractory mold material that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Next, hot steam is used to melt the wax, leaving behind an empty cavity in the shape of the artwork. Pieces of room temperature glass are then placed inside the mold which is then heated to 1,400-1,600 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the type of glass. Afterward, the piece is slowly cooled over a period of several weeks, followed by a careful excavation process, where Milne delicately chips away like an archaeologist to reveal the final piece.

To check out more of Carol Milne’s extraordinary artwork visit the Glass Art SocietyMilne’s Facebook page or her online gallery.

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Natalie Bursztyn’s free pattern for a knit Wonder Woman sweater.

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So pardon my still cluttered post GenCon table, but I got to combine my love of knitting and love of cosplay once again. I finally knit a Jayne Cobb hat for a friend of mine to cosplay alongside my fem!Mal Reynolds. It came out very nice and I’m so happy with it.

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Gamora and Yondu (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’).

Nerd Knitting

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Kraken Socks, a free knitting pattern from square [ j ] jane.

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The Blanket Of Geekery


So a couple of weeks ago, two of my very geeky and dearly beloved friends got married.

This is what I made them for a wedding present.







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Finished the Yoda hat! Baby hates are so fast to knit up. And seeing as I don’t have a newborn model I used my munchkins leopard. Love how it turned out. Hopefully it fits well…

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Forgive me if I’ve submitted one of these before…

My patterns For Dishcloths of all the Avengers’ Logos.

My pattern for a Watcher’s Symbol dishcloth (from Highlander The Show)

My pattern Rorschach’s “Signature” dishcloth (From Watchmen)

My pattern for a Wonder Woman logo dishcloth.

My chart for a Welcome To Night Vale pillow.

A chart I made for a double sided Winter Is Coming scarf.

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Heather Hahn’s free pattern for a knit Battle Axe.  Because a hand-knit battle axe.


Heather Hahn’s free pattern for a knit Battle Axe.  Because a hand-knit battle axe.

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Another original design- The Nightwing hat. This one was made in blue, but I also plan to make them in red and experiment with more of Nightwing’s symbols.

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